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Each certification program has the authority to determine the content of its own exams. Not all programs use the ABC Testing Service, and not all Testing Service Clients use ABC standardized exams.

ABC certification exams are administered by our Testing Service Clients using either paper tests or computerized tests. All ABC standardized exams are closed book. No reference material, programmable calculators, computers, or cameras are allowed in the examination site. Candidates should only bring photo identification, a non-programmable calculator, two sharpened soft-lead (#2 or HB) pencils, and an eraser to the examination site.

Any other material must be left outside the examination site. Candidates are not allowed to take any written material from the examination site. Candidates who violate these rules may be asked to leave the site and may be disqualified from the exam.

Test results are provided to individual examinees only by the member certifying authority responsible for issuing certificates. ABC cannot provide examination results directly to candidates.

For more information about ABC examinations, please refer to Examination Resources and FAQ's.