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Find answers to some of the most common ABC Testing Service questions:


Q: What is the format of ABC examination questions?

A: ABC uses only multiple-choice questions. Most questions have four options (one correct answer and three distractors).

Q: How should I prepare for the exam?

A: ABC recommends that you review the Need-to-Know Criteria for your exam to identify those areas for which you may need additional preparation. A list of reference materials for each exam is included in each Need-to-Know Criteria and in the Examination Resources section of our website. You may also wish to familiarize yourself with the Formula/Conversional Table that will be provided for your use during the exam.

Q: How do I prepare to take a computerized exam?

A: A demonstration of the computerized exam process  is available on ABC’s website.

Q: I would like to check on the status of my score, may I contact ABC?

A: No, ABC is not authorized to release your score; you should contact your certifying authority.

Q: My score does not reflect what I think it should. What can I do?

A: If you would like to request a re-score, you may send a request to ABC Scoring, along with a $35 fee and your test will be hand-scored with permission from your certifying authority. However, there are several procedures in place to ensure the accuracy of your initial score, and hand score results have always matched the initial score.     

Q: I did not pass the exam. How can I better prepare?

A: After taking an exam, you can request a diagnostic report from ABC for $25. A diagnostic report shows your strengths and weaknesses in exam areas. Some of our clients already receive diagnostic profiles, which are included within your scoring information. Please check this information before requesting a diagnostic profile.

Q: Will ABC provide exam scores directly to the examinees? 

A: ABC is only able to provide test-related information to the testing client. The testing client is responsible for providing information to examinees in their state/province.

Q: Does ABC recommend a process for candidates to challenge an examination question?

A: Candidates should provide comments regarding any question(s) they believe contain errors during the examination. Examinees taking a paper-based exam should submit comments on the Question Comment Form; those taking a computerized exam should submit comments electronically during the exam.

ABC will review specific candidate comments relating to the examination at the request of testing service clients.  A written response will be provided to the client but not to the candidates. Although ABC will provide a recommendation, the final decision to change the examination score is made by the client.

Q: How does ABC validate the questions and exams?

A: An overview of ABC’s validation process is found in the pamphlet Validating Your Certification Exam.


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