Testing Services

Testing Services

Through our extensive technical network and professional staff, we meet our clientele’s needs around the globe.

ABC is committed to providing quality testing services that strengthen the certification programs of our members. We offer standardized and client-customized certification exams in the categories of water treatment, water distribution, wastewater collection, wastewater treatment, biological and physical/chemical industrial waste, backflow prevention assembly testing, water/wastewater laboratory, biosolids land application, and plant maintenance. To use our testing service, regulatory or voluntary certification program membership in ABC is required.

Unparalleled Qualifications

ABC has unparalleled qualifications to offer testing solutions for environmental certification programs. With more than 25 years of experience in exam-related services, we have provided testing assistance to both regulatory and voluntary certification programs in the United States, Canada, and several international programs.

More than 70 certification programs currently utilize ABC examinations to test more than 30,000 candidates annually. Many of these programs have been using our exams for more than 15 years and are part of our diverse testing clients representing more than 40 states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as several international and tribal programs. More than 400,000 water and wastewater operators, laboratory analysts, and backflow prevention assembly testers have taken an ABC exam since our testing program began in 1982.  


  • Information for Testing Clients - ABC members and clients have access to a knowledgeable, professional staff to support your certification program needs.
    • Exam Validation - ABC’s extensive validation process, supported by a network of subject matter experts, ensures our exams meet the highest standards.
    • Exam Development Options - ABC testing clients have access to our nationally validated standardized exams. ABC also maintains robust item banks of exam questions and may be able to provide resources for your program’s customized exam development needs.
    • Exam Delivery & Reporting - As a client, you can conveniently test examinees and access results through ABC computer-based, web-based, or paper-based testing.
  • Information for Examinees - Access FAQ’s, test preparation resources, and information about taking your exam.   
  • Examination Resources - Learn more about examination resources available to our testing clients and examinees.    
    • Formula/Conversion Tables - ABC Formula/Conversion Tables are provided during the examination and should be used to solve exam calculations.  
    • Study Guides - ABC works with AWWA and WEF to develop study guides to help you get ready for your certification exam. Guides are available for purchase through WEF and AWWA. 
    • Sample Exam Questions - Get a feel for the exam with these sample questions. While you will not find questions directly from an exam, they will help you familiarize yourself with a certification exam.   
    • Need-to-Know Criteria - Need-to-Know Criteria describe the core competencies covered on the ABC standardized exams and are a valuable preparation tool.