Certification Process

Certification Program

How to Become an Ohio EPA Certified Operator

ABC is an approved exam provider for Ohio EPA. As an approved exam provider, ABC offers computerized operator certification exams five-six days per a week at approximately 200 assessment center locations across the United States. Ohio EPA operator certification exams available through this program include:

  • Water Supply, Classes A, I, II, and III
  • Water Distribution, Classes I and II
  • Wastewater Treatment, Classes A, I, II, and III
  • Wastewater Collection, Classes I and II

Steps to obtain your Ohio EPA certification through this program are as follow:

  1. Review the eligibility criteria below to determine whether you may sit for the exam.  If you have any questions regarding your eligibility, contact Ohio EPA at opcert@epa.state.oh.us or 1-866-411-OPCT (6728).

    Eligibility Requirements

     Classification Education Operating Experience
    A High school diploma or equivalent 1040 hours*
    I High school diploma or equivalent 12 months
    II High school diploma or equivalent 36 months*
    III High school diploma or equivalent

    60 months, including 12 months as a Class II operator*

    *Reductions available for education and course completion.

    Contact Ohio EPA at opcert@epa.state.oh.us or 1-866-411-OPCT (6728) for details.
  2. If you meet the eligibility criteria, go to AMP's website to start registering for your examination.
    • Select the category: Water/Wastewater.
    • Select the program: Ohio EPA.
    • Select the appropriate examination.
  3. During your registration for the examination, you will be required to attest to your eligibility and intent to apply for Ohio EPA certification.
  4. Once you have passed your exam, submit your examination results, Ohio EPA application for certification, and applicable fees to Ohio EPA.                                                                                          

           Application and Fees

    Certification Fees

    ABC Approved Exam Provider Examination Fee $112.00 USD
    Ohio EPA Application for Certification through an Approved Exam Provider See Ohio EPA Website for current pricing