Exam Delivery & Reporting

Testing Services

Three Testing Options

Computer-Based Testing - Allow AMP to administer exams on your behalf through its extensive Assessment Center Network.

Web-Based Testing - Proctor your own web-based exams.   

Paper-Based Testing - Proctor your own paper-based exams.


Computer-Based Testing

Applied Measurement Professionals (AMP), is ABC’s international computerized exam administrator. Through this partnership, AMP handles scheduling and administration of computerized exams at AMP Assessment Centers. Candidates immediately receive their score reports at the conclusion of the exam and clients are able to access examinee results through a password-protected web portal.

Testing clients and examinees can access a Computer-Based Testing Demo to learn what to expect during a computer-based exam.

AMP Overview

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Web-Based Testing

An ABC supported, web-based option exists for clients to administer computerized exams through their own local resources, such as community colleges and field offices. Similar to paper-based exam administration, clients are responsible for scheduling, arranging, and proctoring exam sessions.

ABC’s web-based tests are password protected and both the proctor and examinee are required to enter their designated password and ID for exam access. Candidates immediately obtain their score reports and clients receive email notification of exam results at the conclusion of the exam session.  

A web-based exam process demo is available.

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Paper-Based Testing

Clients using ABC’s paper-based exams are responsible for scheduling, arranging, and proctoring exam sessions. ABC will provide test books, administration instructions, and scannable sheets for candidates to record their answers.

Following administration of the exam, the client returns all exam material to ABC for scoring and report generation. As part of the scoring process, ABC’s Testing Team performs quality control steps, such as evaluating missing or smudged marks on the scanned sheets.






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