2017 Standardized Exams

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What's Behind the 2017 Standardized Exams?

The 2017 Standardized Exams have been developed through a rigorous psychometric process that began with new job analyses conducted in 2014-2015. Through this process, more than 5,000 industry stakeholders provided input on the significance of approximately 730 job tasks. This data was analyzed to prepare new exam content outlines (Need-to-Know Criteria) reflecting the most widely performed and significant job tasks.

More than 1,000 new items (“test questions”) were written and closely scrutinized against the new Need-to-Know Criteria and best item writing practices to avoid common item flaws or bias over the course of 2016. Much of this new content has been integrated into the 2017 Standardized Exams which, after extensive review and refinement were launched on May 1, 2017.

Each phase of exam development was carried out by diverse committees of highly-qualified subject matter expert volunteers from across the United States and Canada under the guidance of ABC’s psychometric partner, PSI Services LLC.

Will I Be Taking a 2017 Standardized Exam?

Each certifier chooses which exams they adminsiter in their jurisdiction. Please contact the certifying authority for your state, province, or geopolitical region to determine which exam preparation materials are appropriate for your jurisdiction and exam date.

How Do I Prepare for a 2017 Standardized Exam?

Pilot exams are administered in the same format and conditions as any other exam offered by your certifier or exam administrator. To prepare for the exam material, review the Need-to-Know Criteria outlining the exam topics and utilize the approved reference material or other resources of your choice to dive into any areas in which you feel you could use some reinforcement. You will also want to familiarize yourself with the Formula/Conversion Table that will be administered with your exam. Find the appropriate resources at the following links: