2017 Canadian Operator Certification Meeting

2017 Canadian Operator Certification Meeting


Canadian Water and Wastewater Operator Certification Best Practices

As a result of the Agreement on Internal Trade (AIT), ABC and provincial and territorial certification authorities began developing the Canadian Best Practices in 2009 to foster harmonization of certification practices, a goal specifically identified in Article 707 “Occupational Standards” of the Agreement.

The Canadian Best Practices are developed collaboratively to provide program and administrative guidance to jurisdictions, and the document is to be used by each jurisdiction to review their programs and where possible to align procedures and rules.

By agreement of the Canadian certification authorities, the Canadian Best Practices is to be reviewed a minimum of once every three years. It is crucial that all provinces and territories participate in the June 2017 meeting to ensure all views are considered and the document continues to be representative of all Canadian certification programs.

View the Canadian Best Practices.