Continuing Education Review


Continuing Education Review: A Solution for Certifiers and Trainers.

The Continuing Education Review Program allows trainers and educators to submit their courses for review against evaluation criteria developed in partnership with ABC’s member network, continuing education developers, and training evaluators. The results from the course review are provided in an online database at no cost to ABC’s program members who represent more than 40 U.S. states, 10 Canadian provinces and territories, as well as several international and tribal programs. Trainers can request course approval from certifiers by directing them to ABC’s website to see an already completed course review. Certifiers can use the ABC review to assess and quickly determine if the course meets the needs of their certification programs.

Why Submit Your Course to ABC for Review?

Development of training courses is an investment of time, money, and resources. We know that in many cases your extensive development efforts can be lost if the proper approval is not received from certification programs who are often overwhelmed by the sheer volume of trainers seeking course approval. This program is designed to assist both the trainer and certifier by providing an initial review for the certifier, and giving the trainer a review that can be presented to certifiers across the globe.

What Our Members Are Saying

Over the years, one message on continuing education has resonated loud and clear from our members: conducting critical and credible course reviews is labor intensive and requires time and resources that operator certification programs just do not have at their disposal.

Subject-Matter Expert Reviewers

Tapping into ABC’s extensive Subject-Matter Expert (SME) network, all reviewers are veteran SMEs representing the major fields of the water and wastewater industries. Most reviewers are former certifiers and trainers who handled numerous course approval requests for their programs. Click here to read more about the SME reviewers.