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Exam Equivalency

Certification program exams equivalent to ABC standardized exams are listed on the ABC Exam Equivalency Charts. Our classification scheme starts with Class I (lowest level) and progresses to Class IV (highest level). Other programs' exam levels are shown according to the classification system used by the individual program.

Operators/analysts should use these charts only to determine if they can apply for ABC certification without examination (i.e. by reciprocity).

To apply for ABC certification through reciprocity, you must have passed a certification exam listed on the appropriate chart with a score of 70 percent or above and still hold an active certificate which you received when passing that exam.

To qualify for certification you will also need to meet ABC's Education and Experience Requirements as detailed on the Get Certified page.

Please note:

  • Operators/analysts should not use these charts to determine if certification programs other than ABC recognize exams as equivalent.
  • These charts can be used only to determine whether our program recognizes another certification program's exam as equivalent for the purpose of issuing an ABC certificate.
  • To determine whether an exam you took is recognized as equivalent for reciprocity by a certification program other than ABC, please contact the certification program directly to discuss their exam equivalency and reciprocity policies.


Exam Equivalency Charts


Water Treatment Exam Equivalency Chart - Includes Water Treatment, Distribution, Very Small Water System, Water Laboratory, BPAT.

Wastewater Treatment Exam Equivalency Chart - Includes Collection, Wastewater Treatment, Industrial Waste, Physical/Chemical Industrial, Wastewater Laboratory.

Currently, there is not Exam equivalency with any programs for Biosolids or Plant Maintenance Technologist available.