Biosolids Land Applier Certification

Certification Program

Get Certified: Biosolids Land Appliers

Certification is available to biosolids land appliers. Along with examination requirements, the following education and experience requirements must be met:


Biosolids Land Appliers Certification Education & Experience Requirements
  Education Experience
Class I  High school diploma, GED, or equivalent Two years of acceptable operating experience in a Class I position
Class II High school diploma, GED, or equivalent and 1,800 contact hours or the equivalent of post high school education in the environmental control field, engineering or related science. Four years of acceptable operating experience in a Class I position


Individuals who do not meet the above requirements may still be eligible through ABC’s system that allows for substitution of education and experience. In addition, ABC offers an “in-training” certification to those applicants that do not yet meet our education and experience requirements.


Biosolids Land Appliers Examination Requirements

Along with meeting the education and experience requirements, the land applier must pass the ABC Biosolids Land Appliers Exam. For more information about the examination, please visit Examination Resources.


Land Appliers Examination Specifications
Area Class I Class II
Communications and Outreach 8% 16%
New Site Evaluation 13% 17%
Nutrient Management System 0% 20%
Site Operation and Management 29% 22%
Monitoring and Recordkeeping 15% 25%
Equipment Operation 22% 0%
Safety 13% 0%


Download and print the Biosolids Land Appliers Certification Application. Return the completed application to:



Attn: Biosolids Land Appliers Certification Application

9400 Plum Drive, Suite 160

Urbandale, IA 50322